Restaurante La Marina

On Calle Miguel de Cervantes, we had to adapt a house of 8 meters in front by 25 meters deep in a seafood restaurant. The client’s task was to convert that house with a serial facade into the same street, in a pleasant environment that invited customers to stay in the establishment as long as possible.

The concept was a terrace where a large structure independent of the house, “embraced” the construction and generated a roofed patio environment in which diners could enjoy the fresh feeling of being on a terrace, without the inconvenience of being vulnerable to the rain or the sun. This roof was solved with a metallic structure modulated according to a series of colored panels made of plastic materials and textile fibers that were developed by “bejuqueros” craftsmen, who brought joy and freshness to the space and the façade.

Inside the restaurant, some internal patios were solved which, together with the regional materials inside the restaurant, made a game of full and empty spaces and at the same time they generated a composition that testifies both the location of the restaurant and the time of the original construction.


Date: 2013
Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Type: Commercial
Status: Architectural Project