Reserva Chulavista

The Chulavista Reservation Project was born from the idea of ​​offering rest homes in one of the most privileged areas of the Chulavista area, in Chapala Jalisco.

Our proposal consists of 9 houses located in a subdivision of strategic lots, to guarantee each one to have their own income and services, and at the same time to preserve all the benefits that the land offers; imposing views towards the hills, the lagoon and towards the interior, where the topography and the trees descend in a span to become ravines and natural drainages.

Due to the rugged topography of the land, the proposals were based on respecting the natural physical environment that existed and the houses are built on the ground by means of piles and modules that are laid out to generate open and interior spaces that are integrated so much to each project in particular, as to the context.

Date: 2013
Place: Chapala, Jalisco
Type: Country house
Status: Architectural Project