Pedro Moreno 1140

Located in the American colony, one of the areas with more growth in the city of Guadalajara is the “Pedro Moreno 1140” project. Badly recognized as the “hippster” area of ​​the city, the location of the land is given within the context of bars, local restaurants, boutiques, barber shops and bookstores among many other valuable elements in the area. This is where the city with more and more strength is renewed and rebuilt from and between streets and farms with high historical and heritage value.

The project is developed on a land of 547 square meters located on Pedro Moreno Street, between the streets of Robles Gil and Argentina. Adjacent to the old Mercado de San Fernando to the west and with an old house with environmental historical value to the east, our project assumed an interesting challenge to find the balance and the right way between showing a deserved respect for those adjoining and at the same time generate a building with its own character, and with a proposal that is authentically rooted and committed to the context and its local roots.

From the sidewalks in the street, the entrance through a large public courtyard receives the pedestrian between the movement of water from a sober fountain and planters that show the dynamism of bridges at different levels that take you to the income of the departments on the upper floors. At the patio level, two apartments live towards the central patio and towards the back of the land where a garden becomes an entrance of light and ventilation for the basement. On the upper levels and coming out of a sculptural cube of elevators, several bridges lead you to the upper apartments where you can see views of historic buildings such as El Expiatorio, as well as foliage of the old trees in the area and in the background to the historic center of the city.


Date: 2015 to date
Place: Guadalajara, Jalisco
Type: Multi-Family Room
Construction: 2625 m2
Status: Built in 2018