Mercado Corona

The call for the contest for the new “Mercado Corona”, sought to resolve the unfortunate loss of a property, and give a new air to the city center. For this reason, the formal solution was based on harmoniously articulating three main activities that promote and recover a social dynamic that has been deteriorating over the years: housing, commerce and daytime recreation.

The project proposes to embrace the context through a public square that seeks to articulate those already existing. Returning to the concept of traditional portals, based on a clean anad clear steel structure, which generates a large double-height portal “Plaza de las artesanías” that would become the door that connects the market with the plaza, that of origin, existed in the previous project. And that, on the other hand, crosses the center of the block, giving the possibility to the pedestrian to go through the market and the plaza in a much freer and more fluid way. In the north-west corner, the building retreats, giving rise to the square that receives both the users of the house, as well as the offices and visitors to the mirador restaurant, separating in a very subtle but effective way the different activities. The market develops on three levels. It has 5 levels of housing, a restaurant lookout on the roof of the market.