Marmara 1830

“Marmara 1830” was originally the house of the Fam. Castiello Chávez, work of the architect Jaime Castiello Camarena built in the decade of the 50’s in the then nascent colony Country Club. The new user; a young family consisting of a mother and three children, with an encomienda; preserve the “soul” of an excellent revolutionary work in its time but make the necessary adaptations to cover the needs of a young family at the present time.

Spaces for recreation, recreation, privacy, contemplation and privacy were resolved within the house, preserving almost all of its facades and the development of the architectural party. The choice of materials in both interior and patio floors was also maintained, preserving the original cement mosaics of the house and are authentic witnesses of the age of the farm. It was proposed to renovate bathrooms and kitchen under the understanding of the possibilities that currently offers in matters of equipment, practicality and design. In the end, a balance was achieved between the balance of maintaining invaluable virtues existing in the original project and the renewal of key aspects to meet the needs of a current family.


Date: 2014
Place: Guadalajara, Jalisco
Type: Remodeling
Status: Built