Mar de Azov

This project is developed within the colony Country Club in a land of 693 square meters located on the street of Mar del Norte 2118 on its corner with Mar de Azov, where formerly it was abandoned house where once lived a family tapatía, now it will be the home of 14 new families. This natural renewal process that cities should have as living entities is consolidated through this proposal to re-populate, re-live, re-cycle, re-novate … space, and in this process dignify and add value to the colony and the lives of its users.

The project proposes two volumes linked by a narrow, almost distressing, module of vertical circulations that emphasizes a dynamic game of heights as the stairs ramps intersect to reach the upper levels. These volumes are drained by means of terraces and green easements that on the one hand generate an acoustic and visual mattress, and on the other hand they set green with foliage the sidewalks that walk the pedestrian.

The program resolves 14 departments that share vertical circulations and bridges for accessibility, but almost all of different dimensions and distribution, and above all, inside each one enjoys privacy and control over the different views of the trees that emerge from the colony. From 3-bedroom apartments to one-bedroom studios with private terraces, roof gardens, from where the impressive trees of the golf course and the urban skyline of the city are contemplated, departments were developed contemplating covering all the needs that the current market demands .

Classification of Work: Multifamily housing.
Land Area: 693 m2.
Location: North Sea # 2118, Col. Country Club, Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Construction: 2,800 m2.
Levels: 2 basements and 5 levels