Los Magos

Within the “Los Magos” subdivision located just a few minutes from the heart of the town of Tapalpa in the Jalisco mountains, “La casa 12 + A” is located and emerges between the imposing views of the mountains and the tranquility of the forest. The project is developed on an area of ​​4,646.16 square meters, wrapped in an immediate context composed of pine forests and other tree species, which resemble windows opening views of the town and the Tapalpa dam; streams and natural drainages that as they descend from the mountain are protagonists of different spaces of the house, that with a constructive system composed of bridges, piles and flown is incorporated into the mountain as one who does not want to interrupt such an existing show.

The project program integrates the elementary components of a country house for one or several families and the solution to their needs of leisure, recreation and contemplation fulfilling the pre-established premise of integration into the context and of those who seek to break with the style of life of the city.


Date: 2015 to date
Place: Tapalpa, Jalisco
Construction: 310 m2
Status: Architectural Project