Loft 7

The “Loft 7” project is developed within the condominium “Lofts del Country”, in the Country Club neighborhood, in the city of Guadalajara. The project is an extension to unit number 7 of the condominium. A 210 m2 apartment on one level. The slogan on the part of the clients was to achieve a space of multiple uses where family coexistence would be encouraged in an environment that felt less formal than a room, less private than a TV studio, a place where visitors did not feel the closeness from the private areas of the department, in textual words of the client, “a place to taste”. As an additional factor we had to achieve a service bedroom and laundry room with storage area.

After analyzing the lifestyle of the family, we concluded that the ideal space to intervene should be the roof. It was resolved a vertical circulation as a sculptural staircase overlooking the common garden of the condominium as a backup, a large Galeana looks out as you go up to the upper level. At the arrival of the staircase, a painting of nineteenth-century sacred art placed on a white wall; sober lobby that divides the service area on the north side, and the social side of the south from where you have dominance of the entire previous roof, now converted into a terrace that opens to the foliage of the entrance garden to the condominium and that works as a cushion to the noise of the street and by the way, they paint the postcard with its foliage and in the background the Barranca de Huentitan.

Already in the family room emerges a wall that blinds to the south west protecting the incidence of the sun in the afternoons and that structurally allows a complete opening in the northeasterly direction. On the eastern wall, a sober window embedded in the wall frames some jacarandas that are in the common garden and in the northeasterly sense sliding windows from floor to ceiling open to integrate interior and exterior spaces, a large space is formed under a structure of apparent steel girders run some tarpaulins that extend the area roofing in another 30 m2, but even more, in an atmosphere that under the stars, the air that blows from the ravine and the moonlight make staying there an experience In herself.

Location: Condominium “Lofts del Country”, Col. Country Club, Gdl, Jal.
Surface of Intervention: 210 m2
Construction: 90 m2
Type of Housing: Expansion of Single Family