Cava Santoscoy

A client with a great passion for the subject of wine commissioned us to develop a space where he could have a corner of his own and where he could potentiate his taste for wine. Store your bottle collection, have the space to classify them, be able to save your literature of the subject, and of course be able to taste a drink with good company.

Given the limited space that had his house, the proposal was to make an underground cellar. A staircase was developed that started from the level of the garden and took you down to the cellar, where the natural moisture of being underground would be ideal to generate the environment that was intended. The whole cava was developed according to a very simple modular measure: a brick of a lama. From here steel structures were established that generated crossbars and racks to store the specimens according to their classification, it was specified with materials based on stones, apparent comments, apparent brick and natural woods, that gave us that humid, tenuous, isolated environment … it was equipped with a piece of furniture specially designed to store glasses, and a tool related to the subject of wine, a sink to wash the glasses, a lighting project according to the environment that was sought and a sound system that will close the atmosphere to taste a good glass of wine.