Casas La Rioja

In a housing development south of the city, we were commissioned the project and construction and two houses for sale. The clients wanted their houses to be different from the other houses in the subdivision, not only in their facade, where they wanted to show the relationship between one house and the other, but also in the essence of the houses, in the solution of their spaces and how to develop the architectural program, so that they could have competitive advantages when selling houses.

We had as a fundamental principle of the project to prioritize and put at the center of decision-making the user, to think that in addition to being able to develop all the daily activities of a family, these could be carried out in a more kind way, with greater dignity. Cross ventilation, natural lighting, think of spaces that integrate rather than divide, in spaces that open to the outside and that generate an interaction and a spatiality relationship with exterior areas, high ceilings, generous dimensions and practical designs, developed inside of the 182m2 of construction of each house.

To the satisfaction of our customers and of us too, both houses were overwhelmingly successful at the time of their commercialization.


Date 2013
Place: Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco
Type: House Bedroom
Status: Built