Casa San Juan

In the heart of the town of San Juan Cosalá on the banks of Chapala “La Casa Juan” is located between the imposing hills in the north and the tranquility of the lagoon in the south. The project is developed on a land of 1300 square meters, wrapped in a rural context.

From the street we receive a ceiba that awakens your senses before entering the entrance courtyard with 4 orange trees with a symmetrical spatial composition finishes off a quarry fountain guarded by the lattice of bricks that fly from a higher level, welcoming us to the home. In the party, a stone wall of the region divides the services of the social areas on the ground floor, and on the upper floor the main bedroom of the children’s bedrooms, giving each room privacy and a particular character.

The program of the project demanded the elementary components of a country house for a family tapatía, that at the same time as fulfilling its needs, it will speak of the place where it is by means of local materials with contemporary spatial solutions that respond to the particular views that the site offers.

The opening of sloping roofs that converge with each other, the clean lines in the traces of the roofs and the walls that do not touch the roofs generating openings with views of the mountains, the sky and the lagoon, generate a sense of interaction between the user , the house and the context.


Fecha: 2013
Lugar: San Juan Cosalá, Jalisco
Tipo: Casa de campo
Construcción: 400 m2
Estatus: Construido