Casa Piña

The project was developed for a young couple, who wanted to build a house for them now, and for their family in the future, within a 160m2 plot located in the “Los Castaños” subdivision.

The program was created in the face of the uncertainty generated by not having all the information available, such as the number of family members, their genders, and the family lifestyle. We agreed to make a conventional program that, in case of any eventuality, would allow them to have an added value in case of a resale. Foreseeing this, we decided that the most appropriate would be to plan the house with 3 bedrooms, each with its bathroom and dressing room and make a multifunctional room on the 3rd level that could be a meeting point for the family and at the same time had the versatility of become a game room, TV and study, today works more as a meeting point for parties, roasts, and evenings between friends enjoying the panoramic view of the city that the terrace offers, which is integrated into this room.

In the end it was possible to develop a project that lived primarily towards itself; patios, balconies, terraces and gardens were proposed that were guarded by lattices and gardening that generate the desired privacy from the outside and the integration of the spaces towards the interior of the house, with which social and private areas enjoy ventilation and natural lighting . The social areas of the house interact with each other under double-height ceilings generating a spatial integration that gives amplitude and at the same time harmony between the spaces.

Date: 2015
Place: Zapopan, Jalisco
Type: House Bedroom
Construction: 430 m2
Status: Built