Casa Galapagos

Within a former subdivision developed by Eng. Matute Remus in the municipality of San Nicolás in Lake Chapala, our client gives us the task of designing and executing a project for a house that can work in a “hybrid” way, between home to vacation short periods and also to live long periods. That is, where you can combine recreational activities of a country house, and at the same time solve the challenges and problems that your daily life demands in case you want to live for long periods.

For the composition of the family had to make a flexible house in the sense that it can be inhabited by 2 or 16 people indistinctly. For this it was necessary to exploit every m2 of the land, using the best views and orientations, and depending on this locate each area within the program. Likewise, strategic routes were planned to live the land. Views and kindness of the land are discovered as you walk between your patio / gallery, its terraces, living rooms and bedrooms sown in different locations of the land.

Date: 2015 to date
Place: San Nicolás, Chapala, Jalisco
Type: Housing
Construction: 230 m2
Status: Architectural Project