Arcos Minerva

Undoubtedly one of the most significant and representative elements of the city of Guadalajara is the Glorieta Minerva, a place that has been given a deep meaning by the inhabitants of the city. It is very important because, despite its location, it has witnessed several important events for the city, from sports victories to social and political events.

Near this place the Arcos Minerva project, named after Arcos Vallarta and the Glorieta Minerva, has been developed.

Arcos Minerva is a vertical housing project, located on Vallarta Avenue and built on a 536.50 m² lot; It has 18 levels and 5 basements in which a general program of 44 departments divided into 3 different types of distribution is solved, oriented to one of the most representative areas with large wooded areas.

The level of income has a commercial premises and at level 18 with an amenity room that opens onto a common terrace with views to the north, northeast and northwest of the city, giving the inhabitants the opportunity to have it at their fingertips , the monumental view of the place, as well as of shows and celebrations that emerge from the site.

Date: end of 2017 to date
Place: Guadalajara, Jalisco
Type: Multifamily housing
Construction: 4418 m2
Status: In process